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Nutrition is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It’s the foundation of your wellbeing influencing your physical & mental performance.

Power Source Nutrition

Together we create your path to a healthy life and cultivate your personal wellness. The combination of a well-balanced fitness program and a wholesome, substantial but delicious diet will help you reach your goal.


By defining your personal milestones, we create small changes that guide you step-by-step on your path to a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Consultation

Individuality is our top priority – the meal plan that I create for you is therefore always based on your needs. My approach is holistic as I incorporate several aspects of your life. i. e. I help you to optimize your meals, facilitate your grocery shopping and provide you with nurturing recipes.


These are the areas we work on:

  • Analysis of your eating habits​

  • Role of metabolism

  • Distribution of micro and macro nutrients

  • Reinforcement of the immune system

  • Weight management & body definition

  • Training performance


Always keep in mind: Your preferences and needs shape your practice.

Prices & Offers

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